I Will Run Winter 2014 Programs- Registration Begins Tomorrow!


The Winter 2014 running programs will begin on every Saturday from Jan 25.

The Absolute Beginner program runs from 10-1130am for 10 sessions and is suitable for anyone including stroller moms/dads hoping to learn to run or get out there for some exercise.

We will focus on proper warm up/cool down techniques, choosing the right running gears and an emphasis on proper running forms and techniques to minimize or/and avoid any running related injuries. It’s a great way to start off a new year and meet a new friend. We meet and run in the Kits area, so there are many great places for brunch to hangout afterwards.

The second program is Ran10/21K suitable for those training for the upcoming 10/21K races in 2014. This group runs every Sat from 8-10am for 14sessions and will focus on running forms and techniques, drills to improve speed, and building up mileage from 10K up to 21K.

The cost of the Winter 2014 running program is your time, commitment and a donation receipt of a minimum $50 from World Vision to support the typhoon victims in the Philippines and/or from Mission Possible to support their work in empowering the less fortunates living Vancouver Downtown East-side. In other words, the running program is absolutely free of charge. 

You learn to run for free and make a positive social impact at the same time. What a meaningful way to start off the New Year!
Last but not least, Skechers Canada Performance Division has become our proud sponsor!  Everyone gets a chance to win a pair of the newest Skechers runners (over $100 value) and other goodies!
Registration starts tomorrow on Dec 01, 2013!
Hope to see you out there!

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Learn to Run for Free and Make a Positive Social Impact in 2014- Registration in 2 days!

Hello Everyone,

missionPLogo4In this 2013 Fall running group, we  partnered up with Mission Possible , a Christian humanitarian agency located at Vancouver down town east-side that transforms lives by helping those challenged by homelessness and poverty achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.  In an effort to make a positive social impact in the community, I Will Run for a Good Cause encouraged all of its participants to provide a donation receipt from Mission Possible as registration fee, while the program itself continue to remain free of charge.  Together, we raised over $600 for Mission Possible!  http://www.mission-possible.ca/news/i-will-run-for-a-good-cause



In the upcoming 2014 Winter running programs starting on Jan 25,  we will continue to make a positive social impact in our community through supporting Mission Possible and also an urgent global matter to support World Vision in their work to aid and restore the lives of the typhoon victims living in the Philippines.  Let’s do this soon as our Canadian government will match up with our donation 1:1 until mid-Dec, 2013.

Let’s run for a good cause.  The cost of the program is  your time, commitment and effort as well as a donation receipt of a minimum $50 from either/both of these charitable organizations.

Learn to run for free; make a positive social impact; and, live a healthier life.  Plus, a chance to win a pair of Skechers runners (over $100 value).

  • Ran 10/21K Saturday 8-10am 14 sessions
  • Absolute beginner group Saturday 10-11:30am 10 sessions

Registrations begin in 2 days!  Stay tuned for more details!


I Will Run - logo squareI am excited to announce that we will re-introduce the Absolute beginner group next year in Jan 2014, targeting anyone who never really ran before and may be interested in learning to run and exercise as one of their new year’s resolutions. We will also continue with our Ran10/21K group for those training for upcoming race events such as the Vancouver Sun Run in late April, Vancouver BMO Half Marathon in early May, and Vancouver Scotiabank’s Half Marathon in late June. Learn to run for free; make a positive social impact; and, live a healthier life.  Plus, a chance to win a pair of Skechers runners.

  • Ran 10/21K Saturday 8-10am 14 sessions
  • Absolute beginner group Saturday 10-11:30 10Sessions

Stay tuned for more details.  Registration begins on Dec 01, 2013.



Boundary Bay 10K Race Report

Boundary Bay 2 Boundary Bay 3 Boundary Bay 4

As usual I like to get up early (5am) on race day morning to do some reading,eat breakfast and perform easy warmup at home before heading out.  This time I actually stayed at my in-laws who lived closer to race site (approx. 30mins drive on highway).  I got to Boundary Bay at around 730am.  It was about 3C with mild wind but overall condition was quite nice.   I warmed up like Coach Dylan had told me to for about 45mins that included easy 15 mins jog, drills, and several 100m strides.  The atmosphere there was pretty good with a lot of noise from the crowd.  Since McDonald’s was one of the biggest sponsors there, they had someone dressed up as McDonald to cheer us up.  After some announcements from the race officials and followed by warm ups led by the Delta Bootcamp folks, I started to move my way towards the start line.

Knowing everyone (5,10, half and full) was starting at the same time and running the same course, I took advantage by standing right at the start line to get away from the crowd as soon as the gun went off.  I went out easy like Coach Dylan had told me at about 3:55 and was at top 5. The first guy (Wayne Pomerio) was probably going at a sub-3:30 pace so I didn’t see him after the second K.  By 3rd K, I caught up to the 2nd guy and wanted to draft behind him but he was slowing down. Good thing I checked my Garmin and I was slowing down so much that my pace was close to 4k/min (no wonder why it felt so easy).  I immediately sped up and  passed him.   Being an out-back course, I turned around at halfway and things weren’t  as smooth as before because there were swarms of people running towards me. I don’t think that really caused me to slow down by too much but definitely lost my rhythm a few times when I had to get through the crowd.   By the final 3k most 5K participants were walking back to finish line, so once again I had to find my way through and yelled out to pass by on a few occasions.   I ran hard on the last K and finished at 38:45 at 2nd place.  Wayne probably finished about 4-5mins ahead of me.  Wayne had to leave for his 12KM practice run and I had to go home immediately to pick up my wife and son for church.  So we were eager to get the award and leave asap! The officials wanted us to wait until ALL the 5/10K participants had finished (approx. 2 hours) the race and suggested that we could return in the afternoon.  Both Wayne and I were determined to leave and probably wouldn’t drive another hour or so coming back, so the official was kind enough to award us.   On my way home, I saw Wayne running along the highway!   Later I found out that Wayne was no ordinary individual.  He was an well known international elite cyclist and was also part of the Beijing Olympic games offiicials.  Wow! What a surprise~!

Here’s my splits.


That’s it for 2013.  I will be back in training soon as soon as Coach Dylan is ready.  Thank you Skechers Performance Division for providing me with their racing flats GoMeb for this race!

My next race will be the Vancouver First Half in Feb 2014.  Thank you all for reading!

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