IWILLRUN2014 Hello Runners,

I Will Run - logo squareOur most recent I Will Run for a Good Cause’s Fall 2013 Ran10/21K program was a great success.  In this cohort, we had a total of 13 runners.  All runners adopted the running form and techniques taught in this program very well.  A comparison between the 1st assessment run, one that was introduced in the first session, and the 2nd,  at 5 weeks when all fundamentals were introduced, has shown that all runners had improved their time by reducing from a minimum of 1 minute and up to a maximum of 3 minutes in completing a 4K (Ran10K group) or a 6K (Ran21K) circuit.  It’s amazing how changing one’s running form and bio-mechanics could have such a huge positive impact in one’s efficiency in a relative short period of time.  Most participants are now running free of injuries or have drastically minimized their injuries or soreness owing to improper running forms and techniques. Once the basic principles were well-developed after the first five sessions,  the Ran10/21k group were introduced to more advanced workouts such as fartleks on track and tempo runs as well as running drills to help building up running forms and efficiency.  In this 14 week program, we began at about 8-10K and built up our mileage to well over 21K in our final session.  We’ve covered a total distance of over 140km in the past 14 weeks! We’ve also endured few extreme weather conditions (e.g. freezing rain, -8K, and gusting wind @30km/h). Congrats everyone!


missionPLogo4In this Fall running group, we  partnered up with Mission Possible , a Christian humanitarian agency located at Vancouver downtown east-side that transforms lives by helping those challenged by homelessness and poverty achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.  In an effort to make a positive social impact in the community, I Will Run for a Good Cause encouraged all of its participants to provide a donation receipt from Mission Possible as registration fee, while the program itself continues to remain free of charge.

Together, we raised over $600 for Mission Possible!


Our Sponsor: Skechers Performance Division

Another exciting news was that Skechers Canada Performance Division has officially become our proud sponsor.  Skechers’ representative, Alex Strote, was kind enough to host a Skechers demo day for our participants to try out their latest products.  At the end, two participants took home with two brand new Skechers’ runners and everyone was also given a 20% off discount card to be used at any Skechers stores.

For the upcoming 2014, our popular Absolute beginner group will resume starting on Jan25, targeting anyone who never really ran before and may be interested in learning to run and exercise as one of their new year’s resolutions. We will also continue with our Ran10/21K group for those training for upcoming race events such as the Vancouver Sun Run in late April, Vancouver BMO Half Marathon in early May, and Vancouver Scotiabank’s Half Marathon in late June.

Learn to run for free; make a positive social impact; and, live a healthier life.  Make all these as your New Year resolution in 2014!  Plus, a chance to win a FREE pair of Skechers runners.

Sign up now! 15spots/program  In our upcoming 2014 Winter program, we’ll continue to make a positive social impact through supporting Mission Possible on their important role in empowering the less fortunate living DTES and also World Vision in aiding the typhoon victims living through this moment of distress in the Philippines. I look forward to seeing you all out there in the upcoming exciting year of 2014!


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-A Skechers Canada Performance Division Sponsored Athlete

-Currently coached by Dylan Wykes, Canadian Olympic Marathoner and 2nd fastest overall in Canadian Marathon Record

Run to inspire and to be inspired

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facebookLast but not least please “like” and Join us at our Facebook Page:

I Will Run for a Good Cause


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