Great time Meeting Up with Coach D!

It’s been always nice meeting up with Coach D!  Yesterday, we didn’t have a training session but rather a nice chat between two runners with a sip of  coffee at Starbucks.  We talked about how many shoes we’d normally get from our sponsors (He goes through about 12 pairs/yr plus racing flats, about 2 pairs/month, while I am about half of that).  It was fun just chatting how grateful and lucky we are to have shoes provided for us in our rigorous training that we have sabotaged so many rubbers in the process.  Without these awesome sponsors  and supporters (kudos to Mizuno for Dylan & Skechers Canada Performance Division for myself), we would’ve probably gone broke by now spending over thousands of dollars on gears while chasing our dreams.  We also talked about good old Meb who won the Chevron Houston Half Marathon Championship few days ago with a jaw-breaking record time of 61:23 at the age of 38.  He sure is one big inspiration to many of us runners out there.  Speaking of Meb, I was excited to receive the newest the rarest (at least I haven’t seen one here in Van) Go Meb Speed 2 from my sponsor yesterday. I wore them to meet up Coach D and even proudly showed them to him.  We were both like kids examining the new toy!  I have yet to really run in them but merely walking in them gives me a great feeling that I’d really love them and become very attached to them. I will likely race in them for my upcoming first half marathon “Vancouver First Half 2014”.  I hope to write a review on these shoes since I  have yet to see anyone written anything about them.  It’d be fair to do so after I’ve done some good mileage on them (probably about a good 200 miles).  With my upcoming full at the Vancouver BMO in May, Coach D will up my training volume soon so I think 200 miles could be easily achieved in less than few weeks or so but I’d probably limit myself to wearing the Go Meb 2 for the speed work or occasionally on few of the longer workouts.  Professional runners like Coach D and Ryan Hall and many others often succumb to running injuries owing to their high volume training (200k+/week).  I find it so true these days that part of the goal in training is really to make it to the starting line. It was great seeing Coach D yesterday recovering well from his strain that happened way back in Japan in last late Fall.  I had the perfect person to talk to about race strategy for the upcoming half because Coach D is the current course record holder with a time of 64:22 in 2012.  The race will definitely be fun as it is going to be quite a competitive field.  I love races that are filled with fast runners.  I find that I run so much faster when I can follow a group.  Since this is going to be my first half since I don’t know when (probably September, 2012?), I’d be happy to go with anything sub 90min and would be extremely hyped with anything sub 85 or less.  I feel okay fit now but slightly over-weight at the moment, so hopefully with the time left I could probably up my fitness level a few notch more.  At the end of our meeting, Coach D gave me this awesome card from Mizuno showing the marathon time he achieved to becoming the 2nd fastest Canadian Marathoner at the Rotterdam Marathon with his autograph on. 

Dylan Wykes 2014




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