“Absolute Beginner” Run Clinic Begins on May 10

I Will Run - logo squareHello Everyone,

Our learn-to-run “Absolute Beginner” clinic will begin on May, 10, 2014.  This program is suitable for all ages & no running background is required.  You can run, walk, or even stroll with your baby in this program.  The goal is to get outdoor and stay active.  You will learn the proper techniques on running form, active dynamic stretching and choosing the appropriate running gears.

Our Sponsor: Skechers Performance Division


Our program is proudly sponsored by Skechers Canada Performance Division.  On our Skechers’ Demo Day, each member will get a chance to test out the latest Skechers’ runners and also a draw entry to win one of two pairs home.

Our Sponsor: Skechers Performance Division



In supporting the good work by Mission Possible on empowering the homeless living Downtown East Side, our program will continue for the 2nd year to encourage all program participants to make a kind donation of minimum $50/individual or One family unit to Mission Possible and provide a donation receipt for enrolling the run clinic.



Step 1:  Sign Up @ REGISTER

Step 2: Await for Email Confirmation that will be sent out once a minimum of 8 participants has signed up.

Step 3: Once email confirmation is received, please upload donation receipt @ REGISTER

The first five participants signed up will receive AN EXTRA DRAW ENTRY for our Skechers Demo Day to win a free pair of brand new 2014 GoRun Skechers runners.