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Hello Runners! My name is Vicar! I began running in April, 2010. My motivation at first was to lose weight and regain a healthier life style and physique. Being utterly ignorant of the sport, I simply took out my old pair of basketball shoes and started running around the school block for about a mile daily. Owing to improper running forms and footwear, within two months, I was succumbed to various types of running related injuries. Finally, a serious case of splint shin had taken me out completely from any physical activities. It was definitely a defeating and discouraging experience.

While in recuperation, I began exploring into proper running forms and techniques as well as choosing appropriate running gears through books, blogs, and videos. While applying all these new knowledge, I increased my daily mileage gradually from a school block to three, from 5k to 10, and later onto 21k on every Saturday morning within a 6 months period . A year later, I completed my first ever official race at the Vancouver Scotiabank’s Half Marathon. I was 40lbs lighter than my peak weight on race day. I continue to maintain a healthy life style and run injury free.

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Since 2011, I have taken running from a pure hobby to an important means to helping others through establishing I Will Run For A Good Cause.




Race Kit In Fall 2013, I became a sponsored athlete with Skechers Canada Performance Division and also began working with my first and only running coach Dylan Wykes  (Canadian Olympic Marathoner, 2nd fastest in Canadian marathon history; ranked 20th in 2012 London Olympics)



My Most Recent Runs:

2016 (JAN) Vancouver Chilly Chase: 2nd Overall

2016 (FEB) Tokyo Marathon: Top 2% Finisher.  2:53:45


2016 (JUN) BC LONGEST DAY 5K: 17:58 (22nd/715)



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