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Canada Day Rock at White Rock 5K

Canada Day

Few months ago, I promised my sponsors from the Skechers Canada Performance Division to run a race for the team on Canada Day at White Rock.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the 5 or 10K.  If you have read my previous blog at the Scotiabank Half, you’d have probably realized I was in a bit of hot water.  Considering I was still recovering from the half and I was still ill, I decided to run the shorter distance.

I have not been to White Rock for more than a decade.  I really had no idea about the course that I’d been running on Canada Day.


Having a glance at the course route above and from Google Map, it appeared to me that it was a nice out-back flat route along the beach.  Sounds nice and easy, eh!

I was actually quite eager to run the 10K race after realizing that the winner would receive a maple leaf shaped diamond pendent as 1st prize.  However, I was unfit to be competitive.  I stuck to my initial decision to race the 5k.

Race Day

I got up extra early for this 5K race as it’d take almost a good hour of highway driving from my home to race site.  When I reached White Rock, I slowly realized that this is a very hilly city.  I never remembered this place was like that.  All I could remembered was the beach, the restaurants, hard to find parking and the painted white rock.  I was still naive believing that the course was nice and flat along the beach similar to the seawall around Stanley Park in Vancouver.

masstartTryEvents is always great in setting up their events.  Everyone was dressed in red to celebrate the national day.  Sponsors’ booths were nicely organized.  I got changed in my car and took a slow jog to the start line to check out where I’d be running.  I just realized that I was not running along any seawall, promenade or flat route.  The route was along Marine Dr.  The hills were massive.  I was shocked in awe.  I didn’t expect to run hills that morning.  My body just whined to the point I wanted to shut it off and go for a nap.  I dragged myself for an easy 30min warm up.  I was completely unfamiliar to the neighbourhood.  I was running like a curious cat trespassing into the residential area.  It was interesting to run into the First Nation’s reserve area. I mean the experience was quite adventurous.  Anyhow, I did some easy run and some strides.

At the start line,  a First Nation lady led everyone to sing the national anthem in the First Nation language and then we all sang again in English.  There were few competitive runners I recognized in the crowd.  One of them was Chris Barth, who became the eventual 10K winner.

White RockWe did a quick count down and off we go.  The course was very steep rolling hills.  I went out feeling easy sticking with the first pack.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to run at that pace (~3:30) for too long when the hill comes, so I slowed down to about 3:45 and was eventually running on my own.  I finished the first steep hill and 2km at about sub 7:30min.  I made the turn around at half way point and realized there was really no one coming after me.  I eased up a little on my pace as I ran the next two hills.  I never really did look back.  It was great having so many spectators cheering for us.  I kept a nice steady pace on each hill without pushing hard too much. Viola, it was about less than 1KM to the finish line.  I kept a steady pace at about 3:45min/K and crossed the finish line with overall 1st place. Beautiful!

Thank you for reading my post.  I’ll be racing in 18 days at the Summerfast 10k.  Hopefully, I will be fully recovered by then and race a good time.  Cheers!

White Rock Race 1 (3)





2014-01-20 16.41.39 wpid-2014-02-16-10.19.19.jpg.jpeg Hot Chocolate Run 10.4K






Hello All,

It’s been awhile since I wrote a shoe review.  I wish to write a comprehensive one for the Go Meb Speed 2 after I have had some good mileage on them to provide a fair one.  In total, I did a 5k (Vancouver Chilly Chase), Half Marathon (Vancouver First Half), and a 10.4KM (Vancouver Hot Chocolate Race), as well as many long weekend runs.  I believe I have had about 200K on them now.  Before reading about my experience , let’s take a quick look at some manufacture data as listed below.


  • The signature shoe of top US Marathon runner Meb Keflezghi
  • High performance marathon racing design
  • Dupont Hytrel™ stability plate in midsole
  • Extremely responsive ride
  • Resalyte™ cushioned midsole
  • M-Strike midfoot strike design
  • 4mm heel drop
  • Special New York City Marathon color edition


  • Mesh fabric and synthetic upper
  • Printed mesh pattern with contrast detail
  • TPU toe cap and heel overlay
  • Weight: 6.8 oz in a men’s size 9

Comparison with Go Meb Speed 1 

I received the Speed 1 in Fall, 2013.  I liken the ride on them to be very raw.  It was sort of like driving a sport car without any added-on luxury accessories.  It was definitely not easy to adapt to the stiffness initially.  However, once I got used to the feel I slowly got attached to them and really enjoyed the responsiveness from them.  I have really put on some good mileage (over 600K) on the Speed 1.

I received the Speed 2 in early 2014 from the courtesy of Skechers Canada Performance Division.  The moment I took them out of the box I immediately noticed some obvious differences between the 1st and 2nd version.  First, I love the design and colour on the 2nd one.  The shoes simply look sleek and beautiful.  The colors are great!  The color I received for my first version was a little too bright and colourful.

The second thing I noticed was the weight difference.  The first version was much heavier than the second.  To be objective, there is actually only a 0.7oz difference between the two.  However, my experience somehow continues to tell me that the 2nd one feels so much lighter.

Thirdly, the 2nd version is much thinner and sleeker in design.  It certainly looked more narrower on the toe box; however, I felt both shoes were about the same.  I do have a slightly wider toe box so I wouldn’t consider either of these shoes to be too narrow.  They are definitely leaning towards the narrow side when compared to the GoRun Ride.  Another thing I notice is the change of material for the 2nd version.  The upper lip is much thinner and the mesh that was used on the 1st version was completely replaced by a much durable material on the 2nd version.  The material used for the sole appears to be different too.  The first one had a stiffer kind of foam, whereas the 2nd version used a more flexible, snappier foam material.  The heel-toe differential remains to be 4mm for both versions.

My Experience with the Go Meb Speed 2

I came in 2nd place overall at the Vancouver Chilly Chase 5K and 1st overall in the inaugural Vancouver Hot Chocolate 10.4 K Race.  As you can see in the picture, I was oddly standing alone on the podium.  It was my bad utterly as I had missed the actual award ceremony.  Coach D had me to do a 27K run that morning so the only way to make it was to run a 6KM in the morning before the race, 10.4KM for the race, and immediately after another 11KM.  My apologies to Try Event for missing the award ceremony twice in a row.  I promise to be up there next time *on time* if I ever got luck again!

I have put on the Go Meb Speed 2 in all three races ranging from 5K to a half marathon.  The Go Meb Speed 2 really helped me to achieve great results!  I ran few of my splits for the 5K race under 3:30min/K and I was able to maintain an average of sub 4k/min for my half marathon.  The shoes do feel very light and snug but extremely comfortable. I have not had any blisters or chaffing problems because of the shoes. Though the shoes are slightly lighter than the first version, surprisingly, I find them to be much more supportive and yet remaining to be very responsive.  If I may, I liken the shoes to the New Balance 1600.  The price difference between the two, however, is huge if bought locally in Vancouver.  Skechers is somewhere around $130 and NB at close to $190, both estimated at after tax.  In my opinion, Skechers is definitely the biggest bang on the buck!


The Go Meb Speed 2, in my humble opinion, is by far the best racing flats I have tried thus far.  They are light, responsive, comfortable, sturdy, supportive and awesome in design.  I’d happily use them for any races ranging from a 5k up to a half marathon.  I’m by no means any where close to our great Meb who wore it at the New York Marathon.  If you ask, the GoRun Ride 3 are my full marathon shoes!  In fact, as I am writing this article, I am getting prepared for my Vancouver BMO full marathon the following morning!  Perhaps, I will write a race report on it as well as another shoe review on the GoRun Ride 3.



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“Absolute Beginner” Run Clinic Begins on May 10

I Will Run - logo squareHello Everyone,

Our learn-to-run “Absolute Beginner” clinic will begin on May, 10, 2014.  This program is suitable for all ages & no running background is required.  You can run, walk, or even stroll with your baby in this program.  The goal is to get outdoor and stay active.  You will learn the proper techniques on running form, active dynamic stretching and choosing the appropriate running gears.

Our Sponsor: Skechers Performance Division


Our program is proudly sponsored by Skechers Canada Performance Division.  On our Skechers’ Demo Day, each member will get a chance to test out the latest Skechers’ runners and also a draw entry to win one of two pairs home.

Our Sponsor: Skechers Performance Division



In supporting the good work by Mission Possible on empowering the homeless living Downtown East Side, our program will continue for the 2nd year to encourage all program participants to make a kind donation of minimum $50/individual or One family unit to Mission Possible and provide a donation receipt for enrolling the run clinic.



Step 1:  Sign Up @ REGISTER

Step 2: Await for Email Confirmation that will be sent out once a minimum of 8 participants has signed up.

Step 3: Once email confirmation is received, please upload donation receipt @ REGISTER

The first five participants signed up will receive AN EXTRA DRAW ENTRY for our Skechers Demo Day to win a free pair of brand new 2014 GoRun Skechers runners.




IWILLRUN2014 Hello Runners,

I Will Run - logo squareOur most recent I Will Run for a Good Cause’s Fall 2013 Ran10/21K program was a great success.  In this cohort, we had a total of 13 runners.  All runners adopted the running form and techniques taught in this program very well.  A comparison between the 1st assessment run, one that was introduced in the first session, and the 2nd,  at 5 weeks when all fundamentals were introduced, has shown that all runners had improved their time by reducing from a minimum of 1 minute and up to a maximum of 3 minutes in completing a 4K (Ran10K group) or a 6K (Ran21K) circuit.  It’s amazing how changing one’s running form and bio-mechanics could have such a huge positive impact in one’s efficiency in a relative short period of time.  Most participants are now running free of injuries or have drastically minimized their injuries or soreness owing to improper running forms and techniques. Once the basic principles were well-developed after the first five sessions,  the Ran10/21k group were introduced to more advanced workouts such as fartleks on track and tempo runs as well as running drills to help building up running forms and efficiency.  In this 14 week program, we began at about 8-10K and built up our mileage to well over 21K in our final session.  We’ve covered a total distance of over 140km in the past 14 weeks! We’ve also endured few extreme weather conditions (e.g. freezing rain, -8K, and gusting wind @30km/h). Congrats everyone!


missionPLogo4In this Fall running group, we  partnered up with Mission Possible , a Christian humanitarian agency located at Vancouver downtown east-side that transforms lives by helping those challenged by homelessness and poverty achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.  In an effort to make a positive social impact in the community, I Will Run for a Good Cause encouraged all of its participants to provide a donation receipt from Mission Possible as registration fee, while the program itself continues to remain free of charge.

Together, we raised over $600 for Mission Possible!


Our Sponsor: Skechers Performance Division

Another exciting news was that Skechers Canada Performance Division has officially become our proud sponsor.  Skechers’ representative, Alex Strote, was kind enough to host a Skechers demo day for our participants to try out their latest products.  At the end, two participants took home with two brand new Skechers’ runners and everyone was also given a 20% off discount card to be used at any Skechers stores.

For the upcoming 2014, our popular Absolute beginner group will resume starting on Jan25, targeting anyone who never really ran before and may be interested in learning to run and exercise as one of their new year’s resolutions. We will also continue with our Ran10/21K group for those training for upcoming race events such as the Vancouver Sun Run in late April, Vancouver BMO Half Marathon in early May, and Vancouver Scotiabank’s Half Marathon in late June.

Learn to run for free; make a positive social impact; and, live a healthier life.  Make all these as your New Year resolution in 2014!  Plus, a chance to win a FREE pair of Skechers runners.

Sign up now! 15spots/program  In our upcoming 2014 Winter program, we’ll continue to make a positive social impact through supporting Mission Possible on their important role in empowering the less fortunate living DTES and also World Vision in aiding the typhoon victims living through this moment of distress in the Philippines. I look forward to seeing you all out there in the upcoming exciting year of 2014!


facebookLast but not least please “like” and Join us at our Facebook Page:

I Will Run for a Good Cause

Your running buddy,


-A Skechers Canada Performance Division Sponsored Athlete

-Currently coached by Dylan Wykes, Canadian Olympic Marathoner and 2nd fastest overall in Canadian Marathon Record

Run to inspire and to be inspired

Final Special Offer: Sign up with a Friend and Receive 1 of the past 2 Special Offers!

Final Offer

Hello Runners! This weekend will be our Final Special Offer!  When you sign up for one of the upcoming 2014 running programs with A FRIEND, you’ll receive one of the specials (Week1: Personalized weekly training plan for one upcoming 2014 race or Week2: An extra draw entry for a pair of Skechers runners) from the past 2 weeks.

The offer begins Friday 12/20! Available for the first 5 sign ups!

Sign up now at 

facebookLast but not least please “like” and Join us at our Facebook Page:

I Will Run for a Good Cause

Boundary Bay 10K Race Report

Boundary Bay 2 Boundary Bay 3 Boundary Bay 4

As usual I like to get up early (5am) on race day morning to do some reading,eat breakfast and perform easy warmup at home before heading out.  This time I actually stayed at my in-laws who lived closer to race site (approx. 30mins drive on highway).  I got to Boundary Bay at around 730am.  It was about 3C with mild wind but overall condition was quite nice.   I warmed up like Coach Dylan had told me to for about 45mins that included easy 15 mins jog, drills, and several 100m strides.  The atmosphere there was pretty good with a lot of noise from the crowd.  Since McDonald’s was one of the biggest sponsors there, they had someone dressed up as McDonald to cheer us up.  After some announcements from the race officials and followed by warm ups led by the Delta Bootcamp folks, I started to move my way towards the start line.

Knowing everyone (5,10, half and full) was starting at the same time and running the same course, I took advantage by standing right at the start line to get away from the crowd as soon as the gun went off.  I went out easy like Coach Dylan had told me at about 3:55 and was at top 5. The first guy (Wayne Pomerio) was probably going at a sub-3:30 pace so I didn’t see him after the second K.  By 3rd K, I caught up to the 2nd guy and wanted to draft behind him but he was slowing down. Good thing I checked my Garmin and I was slowing down so much that my pace was close to 4k/min (no wonder why it felt so easy).  I immediately sped up and  passed him.   Being an out-back course, I turned around at halfway and things weren’t  as smooth as before because there were swarms of people running towards me. I don’t think that really caused me to slow down by too much but definitely lost my rhythm a few times when I had to get through the crowd.   By the final 3k most 5K participants were walking back to finish line, so once again I had to find my way through and yelled out to pass by on a few occasions.   I ran hard on the last K and finished at 38:45 at 2nd place.  Wayne probably finished about 4-5mins ahead of me.  Wayne had to leave for his 12KM practice run and I had to go home immediately to pick up my wife and son for church.  So we were eager to get the award and leave asap! The officials wanted us to wait until ALL the 5/10K participants had finished (approx. 2 hours) the race and suggested that we could return in the afternoon.  Both Wayne and I were determined to leave and probably wouldn’t drive another hour or so coming back, so the official was kind enough to award us.   On my way home, I saw Wayne running along the highway!   Later I found out that Wayne was no ordinary individual.  He was an well known international elite cyclist and was also part of the Beijing Olympic games offiicials.  Wow! What a surprise~!

Here’s my splits.


That’s it for 2013.  I will be back in training soon as soon as Coach Dylan is ready.  Thank you Skechers Performance Division for providing me with their racing flats GoMeb for this race!

My next race will be the Vancouver First Half in Feb 2014.  Thank you all for reading!

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