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My poor Garmin (part 2)

Wrist Strap Kit Garmin

Hey there! For those who have read the first post about my poor Garmin, I have good news.  I finally had some time today to drive across the border.  The line up was long but thank God for Nexus that I was able to go on the special lane bypassing everybody else and went through the border in less than 10 mins!   I was excited to grab the new wrist strap for my dying Garmin 405.  Having seen the recent news about the latest Garmin 620, I was very tempted and even more eager to get a new one!  But for spending over $400, I just couldn’t do it while my 405 is still working perfectly fine.

Anyhow, I got to the post office, received my package, ripped open it like a child opening presents on boxing day, and was really happy for what I saw.  For $20, I didn’t really care about if it were after-market or not; actually, I was really thinking it was going to be some cheap after market product.  But what the heck, I mean as long as it’d fit my watch and let me run longer with my Garmin I was alright with it!   To my surprise, the product is actually a genuine Garmin manufactured product!  As you can see on the box, you get two straps of your choice.  One is for larger wrist and the other for smaller.  I chose the latter as the former sticks out a little on my rather small wrist.   I would label myself as a mechanically challenged person so I simply followed the instruction manual step-by-step.  The whole thing took me probably about 30 minutes to install.  I think the hardest part was actually to take off the original straps.  It was disgusting as there were so much gunk and debris trapped in the crevice between the strap and the watch. I took a cotton tip and got that cleaned out.  Next, I put on the two adapters onto the old pins and inserted the new pins to secure the new strap!  Viola! my Garmin 405 is back alive!  I immediately put it on and I think it’s actually lighter and a little snugger to my liking!  The bottom line is I saved probably about over few hundred dollars!

Garmin Fixed

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My poor Garmin

Recently, I’ve been quite frustrated and overly disappointed at my Garmin 405 wrist strap breaking up repeatedly and after countless efforts of gluing the tears. In one instance (the first 20130917-140748.jpgbreak), I even carelessly glued a fragment of my finger tip’s skin on it (ouch!). And on the very last tear, I was about to give up and gave myself a legitimate excuse to get a new one. Upon checking out the prices of the new Garmin (e.g 610), they do cost an arm and a leg! I figure since the watch is still working perfectly fine, there must be some way to replace the straps. After some Internet research, I found that Garmin in Canada charges for about $79.99 (way too much!!!) to replace them. would be my next best bet and I was right on this time! In addition to the regular strap that was on the watch, they carry this wrist strap that is made out of polyester utilizing Velcro. Plus, this particular product does have a pretty awesome reviews from its buyers! The best of all for me is the reasonable cost at $20. I’ll pick them up soon! Stay tuned for more updates!






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How to dress for your run! A great web-tool!

running in the rain

Hello Runners,

The season is changing!  The weather here in Vancouver fluctuates so much that one day is dry and warm and the other is pouring and cold!  It leaves us runners to be at times frustrated on how to dress up appropriately for our runs (especially the long ones).

I’m here sharing an excellent web-tool I found on the Runners’ World website that should alleviate a lot of our problem in choosing the proper wears for the appropriate weather out there!   Here’s the link:

Happy running in the rain!


The Sauna Effect? What do you think?

J Sci Med Sport. 2007 Aug;10(4):259-62. Epub 2006 Jul 31.

Effect of post-exercise sauna bathing on the endurance performance of competitive male runners.


University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.


The physiological adaptations to sauna bathing could enhance endurance performance. We have therefore performed a cross-over study in which six male distance runners completed 3 wk of post-training sauna bathing and 3 wk of control training, with a 3 wk washout. During the sauna period, subjects sat in a humid sauna at 89.9+/-2.0 degrees C (mean+/-standard deviation) immediately post-exercise for 31+/-5 min on 12.7+/-2.1 occasions. The performance test was a approximately 15 min treadmill run to exhaustion at the runner’s current best speed over 5 km. The test was performed on the 1st and 2nd day following completion of the sauna and control periods, and the times were averaged. Plasma, red-cell and total blood volume were measured via Evans blue dye dilution immediately prior to the first run to exhaustion for each period. Relative to control, sauna bathing increased run time to exhaustion by 32% (90% confidence limits 21-43%), which is equivalent to an enhancement of approximately 1.9% (1.3-2.4%) in an endurance time trial. Plasma and red-cell volumes increased by 7.1% (5.6-8.7%) and 3.5% (-0.8% to 8.1%) respectively, after sauna relative to control. Change in performance had high correlations with change in plasma volume (0.96, 0.76-0.99) and total blood volume (0.94, 0.66-0.99), but the correlation with change in red cell volume was unclear (0.48, -0.40 to 0.90). We conclude that 3 wk of post-exercise sauna bathing produced a worthwhile enhancement of endurance running performance, probably by increasing blood volume.

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