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What shoes do you wear?

skecher GoRun2 skechers backskecher bottomHey you out there! What shoes do you wear? I have tried on quite a few pair of shoes in the past couple years. Recently, I had a strong urge to try out the Skechers GoRun2. I must admit that like many runners out there I was a little skeptical at first but my past two weeks experience has totally changed my view! I do have a fling with bright color shoes (don’t ask) so most of my shoes are either red or something really bright like the one seen here.

According to Skecher’s, the Go Run2 Men size 9.o was weighed in at approx. 6.7oz with a heel-toe differential of 4mm. I could totally feel the lightweight as I took them out from the box. It was kind for the company to include two sets of shoe laces (orange and yellow); both were the flat type. Prior to taking them out for a spin, there were few things that drew my attention. First, I noticed the use of combination of fabrics on the shoe. Very thoughtful indeed! The interior is lined by a smooth microfiber like material, one that is suited for those sock-less runners out there! Of particular mention, the insole is designed to be removable for those looking for a more minimalistic feel. Both sides (exterior) of the shoe are lined with a tougher plastic/rubber like material, providing extra protection for your feet. Lastly, the toe box and the heel areas are of the same mesh flexible material, allowing the toes to flex easily and minimize chaffing on the ankle.

I have probably put on a little over 120miles on them now. I do have a wider toe box, so I have in the past looked for shoes that would suit my need. As mentioned above, the flexible mesh material was particularly comfortable for my toes to move around during those long runs. The support was great as well and it was particular evident as I raced downhill for about a mile at approx. 5:50min/mile pace. I did not notice any hot spots or chaffing. Most people talked about the lug in the middle. I didn’t find that too apparent or bothersome for me. Perhaps, it was more so in the first generation. These shoes are definitely designed for mid-foot strikers, so heel strikers beware! My only concern would be the foam like material used on the bottom of the shoe might not hold up for too long. But again, a lightweight shoes as such weren’t probably designed to last like those traditional runners. For those who are concerned with durability, I’d suggest to get an extra pair to reserve for speed training and race day.

Overall, I really enjoyed running in them and would definitely race in them for my upcoming 10k, Half, and even Full marathons!

My next shoes will be the GoMeb. I’ll try to post some feedbacks as soon as I received them! [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]