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Great recovery tip!

I got this great recovery tip from my massage therapist and thought it’d be helpful to you all runners out there! I find that no matter how conscious you are with your running forms the body is still subjected to various levels of beating the grounds leading to aches and sores on the joints and muscles. Here’s a great tip that I’d like to share! As you shower after that long run, run warm water on affected area for 3min and cold (about 15 Celsius difference) for 30sec. Repeat for three times and massage the affected area at the same time! It certainly worked well for me and hope this’d work for you too!

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Route Loops: Need a new running route?

Are you bored with the same old running or biking routes? Try this website (also found in Iphone app store)  This site/app allows you to enter your starting point or detected by GPS of your current location  if you are using a GPS enabled smartphone and create a running/biking route according to your entries (e.g. mileage, direction, & etc).  One of the gliches found in this application is that the mileage projected on the map is about 10% less than the entered value.  A quick easy way to address this problem is simply by entering a slightly larger value.  Have fun running!