I Will Run for a Good Cause: FALL 2013 RUNNING GROUPS

Starting in Fall 2013, I Will Run launched a new meaningful theme and mission “I Will Run for a Good Cause”, one that aims to promote positive impacts in our community as we stroll through the beautiful city of Vancouver bearing in minds of those who are needy and less fortunate surrounding us.

I Will Run For A Good Cause will support by donation to local charitable organizations that are creating positive changes in the city. The program continues to remain free of charge as it was since inception and shall never incur any program fees for its participants. In order to carry out and sustain our new mission, all participants are encouraged to contribute a minimum donation of $50/program to our featuring organization and provide a donation receipt as a proof for registration (Please see form in“Registration” )

We will show our support to Mission Possible, “a Christian humanitarian agency that transforms lives by helping those challenged by homelessness and poverty achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.” To learn more about Mission Possible, please kindly visit www.mission-possible.camissionpossible-logo

Please kindly proceed to “Registration” now and on behalf of Mission Possible thank you kindly for your donation in advance.