My poor Garmin

Recently, I’ve been quite frustrated and overly disappointed at my Garmin 405 wrist strap breaking up repeatedly and after countless efforts of gluing the tears. In one instance (the first 20130917-140748.jpgbreak), I even carelessly glued a fragment of my finger tip’s skin on it (ouch!). And on the very last tear, I was about to give up and gave myself a legitimate excuse to get a new one. Upon checking out the prices of the new Garmin (e.g 610), they do cost an arm and a leg! I figure since the watch is still working perfectly fine, there must be some way to replace the straps. After some Internet research, I found that Garmin in Canada charges for about $79.99 (way too much!!!) to replace them. would be my next best bet and I was right on this time! In addition to the regular strap that was on the watch, they carry this wrist strap that is made out of polyester utilizing Velcro. Plus, this particular product does have a pretty awesome reviews from its buyers! The best of all for me is the reasonable cost at $20. I’ll pick them up soon! Stay tuned for more updates!






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