My poor Garmin (part 2)

Wrist Strap Kit Garmin

Hey there! For those who have read the first post about my poor Garmin, I have good news.  I finally had some time today to drive across the border.  The line up was long but thank God for Nexus that I was able to go on the special lane bypassing everybody else and went through the border in less than 10 mins!   I was excited to grab the new wrist strap for my dying Garmin 405.  Having seen the recent news about the latest Garmin 620, I was very tempted and even more eager to get a new one!  But for spending over $400, I just couldn’t do it while my 405 is still working perfectly fine.

Anyhow, I got to the post office, received my package, ripped open it like a child opening presents on boxing day, and was really happy for what I saw.  For $20, I didn’t really care about if it were after-market or not; actually, I was really thinking it was going to be some cheap after market product.  But what the heck, I mean as long as it’d fit my watch and let me run longer with my Garmin I was alright with it!   To my surprise, the product is actually a genuine Garmin manufactured product!  As you can see on the box, you get two straps of your choice.  One is for larger wrist and the other for smaller.  I chose the latter as the former sticks out a little on my rather small wrist.   I would label myself as a mechanically challenged person so I simply followed the instruction manual step-by-step.  The whole thing took me probably about 30 minutes to install.  I think the hardest part was actually to take off the original straps.  It was disgusting as there were so much gunk and debris trapped in the crevice between the strap and the watch. I took a cotton tip and got that cleaned out.  Next, I put on the two adapters onto the old pins and inserted the new pins to secure the new strap!  Viola! my Garmin 405 is back alive!  I immediately put it on and I think it’s actually lighter and a little snugger to my liking!  The bottom line is I saved probably about over few hundred dollars!

Garmin Fixed

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