Running Clinics

I Will Run - logo squareI Will Run For A Good Cause is a non-profit organization established in Vancouver, BC, in February 2011.  Our purpose is to enable all program participants to “Learn to Run for Free; Make a Positive Social Impact;and, Live a Healthier Life.”  Throughout the past four years, the program has gathered over 120 runners ranging from the age of five and up to late sixties.  Many, who have once found running to be challenging and painful, have come to realize and appreciate the joy and health benefits derived from the sport.   A good number of participants have even completed their first 10K and/or half marathons.

In essence, the program’s main focus is form building and biomechanics.  It is essential to adopt a proper running form and technique from start to minimize any running related injuries for one to become efficient and truly appreciate the joy of running freely without pain.

The running clinic itself is FREE.  The only cost is your time, commitment and effort.  In an effort to make a positive social impact, all running participants will contribute a minimum $50/individual or family unit for each running program to our featured local charitable organization.  An electronic version donation receipt can be uploaded here.


I Will Run For A Good Cause supports the good works done in the DTES community by Mission Possible, an agency that “transforms lives by helping those challenged by homelessness and poverty achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work”.  

In addition to learning to run for free and making a positive social impact, all program participants may participate in Skechers Demo Day to try out their latest runners and a chance to win a pair of free Skechers home.

Please feel free to contact me at Stay active and healthy…. Lace up & See you out there!  Run to Inspire and to be Inspired.