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It’s been awhile since I wrote a shoe review.  I wish to write a comprehensive one for the Go Meb Speed 2 after I have had some good mileage on them to provide a fair one.  In total, I did a 5k (Vancouver Chilly Chase), Half Marathon (Vancouver First Half), and a 10.4KM (Vancouver Hot Chocolate Race), as well as many long weekend runs.  I believe I have had about 200K on them now.  Before reading about my experience , let’s take a quick look at some manufacture data as listed below.


  • The signature shoe of top US Marathon runner Meb Keflezghi
  • High performance marathon racing design
  • Dupont Hytrel™ stability plate in midsole
  • Extremely responsive ride
  • Resalyte™ cushioned midsole
  • M-Strike midfoot strike design
  • 4mm heel drop
  • Special New York City Marathon color edition


  • Mesh fabric and synthetic upper
  • Printed mesh pattern with contrast detail
  • TPU toe cap and heel overlay
  • Weight: 6.8 oz in a men’s size 9

Comparison with Go Meb Speed 1 

I received the Speed 1 in Fall, 2013.  I liken the ride on them to be very raw.  It was sort of like driving a sport car without any added-on luxury accessories.  It was definitely not easy to adapt to the stiffness initially.  However, once I got used to the feel I slowly got attached to them and really enjoyed the responsiveness from them.  I have really put on some good mileage (over 600K) on the Speed 1.

I received the Speed 2 in early 2014 from the courtesy of Skechers Canada Performance Division.  The moment I took them out of the box I immediately noticed some obvious differences between the 1st and 2nd version.  First, I love the design and colour on the 2nd one.  The shoes simply look sleek and beautiful.  The colors are great!  The color I received for my first version was a little too bright and colourful.

The second thing I noticed was the weight difference.  The first version was much heavier than the second.  To be objective, there is actually only a 0.7oz difference between the two.  However, my experience somehow continues to tell me that the 2nd one feels so much lighter.

Thirdly, the 2nd version is much thinner and sleeker in design.  It certainly looked more narrower on the toe box; however, I felt both shoes were about the same.  I do have a slightly wider toe box so I wouldn’t consider either of these shoes to be too narrow.  They are definitely leaning towards the narrow side when compared to the GoRun Ride.  Another thing I notice is the change of material for the 2nd version.  The upper lip is much thinner and the mesh that was used on the 1st version was completely replaced by a much durable material on the 2nd version.  The material used for the sole appears to be different too.  The first one had a stiffer kind of foam, whereas the 2nd version used a more flexible, snappier foam material.  The heel-toe differential remains to be 4mm for both versions.

My Experience with the Go Meb Speed 2

I came in 2nd place overall at the Vancouver Chilly Chase 5K and 1st overall in the inaugural Vancouver Hot Chocolate 10.4 K Race.  As you can see in the picture, I was oddly standing alone on the podium.  It was my bad utterly as I had missed the actual award ceremony.  Coach D had me to do a 27K run that morning so the only way to make it was to run a 6KM in the morning before the race, 10.4KM for the race, and immediately after another 11KM.  My apologies to Try Event for missing the award ceremony twice in a row.  I promise to be up there next time *on time* if I ever got luck again!

I have put on the Go Meb Speed 2 in all three races ranging from 5K to a half marathon.  The Go Meb Speed 2 really helped me to achieve great results!  I ran few of my splits for the 5K race under 3:30min/K and I was able to maintain an average of sub 4k/min for my half marathon.  The shoes do feel very light and snug but extremely comfortable. I have not had any blisters or chaffing problems because of the shoes. Though the shoes are slightly lighter than the first version, surprisingly, I find them to be much more supportive and yet remaining to be very responsive.  If I may, I liken the shoes to the New Balance 1600.  The price difference between the two, however, is huge if bought locally in Vancouver.  Skechers is somewhere around $130 and NB at close to $190, both estimated at after tax.  In my opinion, Skechers is definitely the biggest bang on the buck!


The Go Meb Speed 2, in my humble opinion, is by far the best racing flats I have tried thus far.  They are light, responsive, comfortable, sturdy, supportive and awesome in design.  I’d happily use them for any races ranging from a 5k up to a half marathon.  I’m by no means any where close to our great Meb who wore it at the New York Marathon.  If you ask, the GoRun Ride 3 are my full marathon shoes!  In fact, as I am writing this article, I am getting prepared for my Vancouver BMO full marathon the following morning!  Perhaps, I will write a race report on it as well as another shoe review on the GoRun Ride 3.



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