The Guide to Boston Marathon (3): Flight and Hotel


I’d say if you have BQ’d at least 5 mins faster than the stated qualifying time for your age/gender category and you are determined to run the Boston marathon, you should book your air tickets and accommodation ASAP!   A whooping surge of 30,000 runner plus their friends and family members will swarm Boston on the week of the Boston Marathon.  The later you book, the higher the price you will pay.  The average cost of hotel/night around the finish line in Boston was about $500.  The earlier you book, the cheaper it shall be!  For example, I booked my air ticket from Vancouver, BC to Boston for about $220 plus tax =~$300 Canadian.  Most people I know who booked later were paying at least over $400 and some were over $600.


If you are financially sound, then of course by all means save yourself all the troubles on race day and stay as close to the finish line as possible or somewhere near the Boston Common where you’ll board the official bus on race day morning to the start in Hopkinton.

For those like myself who are tight on cash, you might want to look at the above subway map to book your accommodation somewhere along those stations that will lead you to the Green Line at Boylston Street Station, the Green and Red Line at Park Street Station, the Orange Line at Chinatown Station, the Orange and Red Line at Downtown Crossing Station, and the Orange and Blue Line at State Station.  You will certainly save up more by staying away from Down town.

One thing to bear in mind though while you take the T (subway), they are old, extremely slow and have limited access to an elevator. I did however find the subway to be quite safe in general.

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Which stations are closed during the Boston Marathon?

To accommodate large crowds in the Downtown Boston area, Copley Station is closed during the day. Additionally, South Street, Kent Street, and St. Mary’s Street Stations on the above-ground branches of the Green Line are closed between 10 a.m. and approximately 6 p.m. on Marathon Monday.

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