The Guide to Boston Marathon (4): Getting Ready for the Trip


The registration happens on the first week of September and the specific day is based upon your qualifying time.  I registered on the 2nd day for runners who ran more than 10mins faster but less than 20mins for their age/gender category.

I received the confirmation letter on Oct 30. An email confirming my acceptance was sent to me immediately the following week on Sept 14.

Between the time you received your confirmation email and race day,  you shall receive at least 5-7 more newsletters from the Boston Marathon Association informing on various subjects about the race.


I’ll mention only running specific items that I packed for the trip.  Two weeks prior to my flight, I made a Google excel worksheet of my Boston Trip To Bring List.  Whenever I thought of something to pack, I’d add it in to this list.  The column for running-related items conjured to 35 things!  It was indeed a handy document to have when it came to time to pack.  So here are the things I’ve brought along!

Running Items Quantity
Race shoes 1
Walking shoes 1
Training shoes 1
Race socks 1
Training socks 2
Compression sleeves 2
Compression 3/4 recovery tight 1
Massage roller 1
Oakley Sunglasses 1
Hat (training, waterproof, race day) 3
Race tights 2
Race shorts 1
Skechers Race Singlet 1
Body Glide 1
Skin shaver 1
Garmin Gps watch 1
Gps charger 1
Band-aid 4
Gels 14
Bread 3
Old clothings 3
Old Jacket 1
Old pants 1
Gloves 2
Arm sleeves 2
Beanie 1
Vaseline 1
Fuel-belt 1
Nike belt for training 1
Yoga Belt 1
Roller 1
Towel 1
BREAD (breakfast)  4


One awesome tip that I learned from Meb is that NEVER pack your race day items (e.g. race shoes) in your checked-in luggage.  Always, bring your race day gears with you in your carry-on.  You’d never know if your checked-in luggage might get lost or got sent to another part of the world!  It’d be a shame to find a new pair of shoes at the expo to wear on race day.  We all know how catastrophic that could be for a runner!  I’ll talk more below under Race Day about what to bring and what NOT to bring.

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